The MacroBin 24 Solid

Discover the versatility of the MacroBin 24 Solid, a leading choice in agriculture bins. Also known as the ProBin 24-S, it’s the preferred plastic field bin in the wine industry. With a robust design, 1,200 lbs load capacity, and 23.56 ft³ volume, it’s the perfect solution for efficient harvesting. Contact us today to enhance your agricultural operations with the MacroBin 24 Solid.


MacroBin 24 Solid 47x47x28


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About the MacroBin 24 Solid

The Industry Standard Bin

The MacroBin 24 Solid, also recognized as the ProBin 24-S, stands out as a top choice among agriculture bins in the industry. Widely acclaimed for its versatility, durability, and efficiency, this plastic field bin has become a staple in the wine industry.

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of agricultural operations, the MacroBin 24 Solid offers unmatched performance. Its robust construction ensures durability, making it ideal for various applications in the field.

Whether you are harvesting fruits, vegetables, or grapes for the wine industry, the MacroBin 24 Solid is a reliable companion for your operations. Its 1,200 lbs load capacity, spacious 23.56 ft³ volume, and convenient dimensions make it a go-to choice for farmers and winemakers alike.

Contact us today to discover how the MacroBin 24 Solid can elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of your agricultural operations. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your needs.


Item Number Macro 24S
Length 47.125″
Width 47.125″
Height 28.125″
Weight 93 lbs
Load Capacity (lbs) 1,200 lbs
Load Capacity (ft³) 23.56 ft³
Load Capacity (gallons) 176 gallons
Load Capacity (liters) 667 liters
Truckload Qty (FTL) 78


Weight 93 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 47 × 28 in


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